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Hamilton Building Services' Kitchen and Bath Department

Hamilton Building Services not only provides materials for new home construction projects, but we also have an in-house kitchen and bath designer. If you're looking for a renovation this spring, our designer can provide you with gorgeous photo-realistic renderings of your space. Selecting hard ward, lighting, plumbing, counter tops, and flooring is so easy when you have a complete, interactive 360 degree view of the space, which can be provided.
Never has the design process for a kitchen or bath remodel been this easy. Gone are the days of hand drawing what you want yourself, and heading out to a big box store and hoping they have the exact thing you're looking for. Get exactly what you want by working with Hamilton Building Services and making the remodel process easier than ever.

Recent posts

Water Damage: What Do I Do Now?

So you think you have water damage? The very first thing to do is to determine the source of the water damage and see if water is still coming through. You can't begin to fix water damage if the water is still coming in. Once you've sorted where the water damage originated from, you can then sort the issue of water damage. There are three different types of water than can leak into your home; Clean, Grey, and Black. Clean water being a leak from a water line or a leaky roof, grey water being relatively clean water from drains of sinks, showers, washing machines, dishwashers etc., and black water, being the worst of the three, is waste water from the drain of a toilet.
       If you are dealing with grey or black water leaks, there are potential health risks, including exposure to pathogens. It's best to leave the clean up to the professionals for the black water leaks, but the grey water leaks can be dealt with at the discretion of the homeowner. We'll mainly be…

Storage vs. Tankless: Which Water Heater Is Best For Me?

Tankless water heaters are on the rise. With newer options for tankless water heaters that are more energy efficient, it almost seems like a no-brainer to swap over. You can reduce energy use by up to 34% than a traditional water heater. Instead of storing 50 to 60 gallons of hot water, being constantly heated, you'll have a low profile unit that heats water only when it's needed, saving a bunch of money over time.       Tankless water heaters also have an extended life span. Where a storage water heater can last around 10 years, a tankless water heater can last upwards of 20 years. With endless hot water, you should never run out.        Tankless water heaters should work for everyone. More energy efficient and longer lifespan, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want one for their home!

What Is Panelization?

Panelization is the process of building wall and floor panels and roof trusses off site, in a environmentally controlled factory, where skilled craftsman, with more than enough experience, are accurately assembling panel quickly and efficiently.       The time period to frame a panelized home, is significantly shorter than that of traditional, stick-framed houses. This means that your brand new home is weather tight sooner, lengthening the life of your home, and ultimately shortening the entire building process.      With panel construction is happening on in a factory, rather than on site, this means less material waste on site. This is another cost savings benefit that also results in a cleaner job site.      Even though the panels and trusses are built in a factory, doesn't mean that you're sacrificing the customization of your new home. We design all of our panels and trusses in house, to match the floor plan completely down to the last detail that you want in your n…

7 Things To Bring Your Home Into 2020

Need to bring your home into the new decade? As technology launches forward, the use of smart home products does, too. Here's seven things to bring your home from 1920, to 2020.
The year is 1985. You're watching Johnny Carson when the channel switches to a commercial. "Clap on! *clap clap* Clap off! *clap clap* Clap on, clap off! The Clapper! Let's you turn things on or off from anywhere in the room!", the commercial says. Suddenly you're hooked. Of course you want to turn of the lamp across the room without having to get up, who wouldn't? That was thirty-five year ago and technology has come a long way. But what are the odds you have a clapper in your house now? Probably slim to none.      In 35 years, we've gone from a convenient way to turn off and turn on plugged-in electronics, to using a switch. So why not bring your home to the future, with current smart home products? If you have a cell phone, you're already half way there.
1. Smart Assistan…

MURO Auto Feed Drivers

Credit: MURO North America
Are you a contractor or avid DIYer? Then you may need a Muro Auto Feed Driver system.
Starting in 1953, MURO has been all about the tool game. In June 1986, they developed the Auto Feed Driver system. Thirty-four years later, and they've got that system perfected. East to use tool systems are great for those who want the job done quick.      With tool accessories for any job, it's easier than ever to get that project. Or make your clients happy with your speed of job completion. Drywall, sub floor, decks, flooring, and even roofing, has just become easier. With your screws in strips, you can easily fasten sub floor down in no-time.  Adjustable depth control for repeatable countersinking.Rubber nose piece prevents damage to work surface.Lightweight.No more dropped or lost screws.Ergonomically friendly - work standing up.No predrilling.Housing can be easily rotated for access into tight spaces.      There's nothing you can't do with a MURO Auto Fe…

Let's Talk About Drafting

Let's Talk About DraftingDrafting is one of the most important part of the home building process. Having a way to view your home, far before it's built, is a valuable tool. You can change anything about your home, and have it reflected in the plan, so everyone included in the build process has access to the same information.